Is Facebook Fueling Divorces?

Is Facebook fueling divcorces? Does social networking site leading to breakdown in marriages. Could that really happen? YES, it is true. According to London’s Telegraph one out of five divorces in UK are on account of Facebook! I haven’t come across any numbers on other end of the Atlantic. But here is a story on TIME on this growing trend.

The story cited examples of how people discovered flirtuous relationship of their spouses over social networking sites. Someone even found that they are getting divorced by her husbands status update! Relationship status can be changed from “married” to with a click to “in relationship” or “open to relationship.” Facebook is not only about connecting, but also about disconnecting!

Facebook has not only helped dispersed people to reconnect with childhood friends and old colleagues, but also many married people to cheat. It has been extremely popular with teens and singles, because it has helped them to connect up and explore relationships. But now married couples to hooking up over Facebook. Divorce lawyers claim the explosion in popularity of social networking sites is tempting people to cheat.

 Of course, most of these marriages may already destined for failure and Facebook just becomes another excuse for why the relationship did not work. They are already frustrated with their spouses and online networking tools provided ways to look beyond their marriages easily and without guilt. Unhappily married couples are meeting their old girl/boy friends, who lend them a listening ears and a shoulder to cry over their pathetic life situations, and soon find themselves falling in love with each other. Social sites have become a perfect platform to wash dirty laundry.

Then there are many who stay in marriage, but initiate  extra marital relationships with old friends over Internet. They agree to stay in their respective marriages, but continue to maintain a secret online relationships. They even meet up and may in involved intimately, but for the sake of others stay with their spouse and kids. Annonymity and psuedo intimacy of the Internet is a boost to online extra marital affairs.

Suspicious spouses are logging on and using the same sites to find evidence of their mate’s flirting. Some even create fictitious names and profile to be included in friend’s list of your mate and then secretly keep track of their online posts and activities. Some apps are being developed to spy on your spouses online activities. What a strange world we are now living in!

What do you do to keep you from falterning in your marrige? Develop a discipline to establish personal standards of online life. Build virtual hedges to protect you marriage. No filters or tech tools can keep you from stumbling into these dangers. Nurture your own marriage and stay committed to it for life. Hold yourself accountabile to someone about your online activities.

No matter what you are doing through in your marriage, put the work needed and you are sure to enjoy rich returns. If you are struggling through something in your marriage, get help. Don’t sulk and think your problems will go away by itself. Don’t think you can run away from problems and find someone online to solve your marital issues. Your problems will come chasing after you.

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