Children born to Married vs Cohabitating Parents

Guess who does better: Children born to married parents or cohabitating parents? Obvioulsy it is the earlier. Researches on both side of Atlantic have shown that children born to married parents achieve better outcomes both at school and in terms of their social and emotional development, than children born into other family forms, including into cohabiting unions. Most recent finding comes from UK. See reports in Daily Mail. See the actual report from Institute of Fiscal Studies.

The study found that the most important factor in a child’s development is their parents’ background, including their ethnicity, education, social status, wealth and relationship history. Unstable relationship of the parents creates insecurity in the lives of children and deep seated fear about their future. The natural development of children born to cohabitating couples are permanently impaired.

Marriage is good for all – for the couple, children born to them, the society and the nation. Cohabiting couples tended to be less educated, younger, had a lower household income than married parents, and the quality and stability of their relationship also differed. The tidal wave to undermine marriage by live-in relationship will undermine western society as we know it – its values, prosperity and influence around the world.

At the slightest trouble (which is sure to happen in all relationships) a cohabitating couple is bound to go their seprate ways. Couples who committed to marraige are more likely to work harder through any problems for the benefit of each other and their children. Cohabitating folks only think about themselves all the time – ultimate narcissistic thinking of our modern times, while marriage causes to think about the other – living for the benefit of your spouse and children, which ultimately helps you realize your own needs.

Sure enough growing marital breakdown has kept young adults from pursuing marriage. When you have seen your older siblings and friends go through divorce, they are disillusioned about marriage. But my questions why are you looking to half of broken marriages, turn to the other half. See some thriving marriages and learn from them what is making those marriages go the distance. Ultimately it is about commitment, acquiring the skills and above all aligning yourself to divine blueprints of the maker of the marriage (God).

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