Children of Divorce – Excellent Resource

I came across another fascinating research on children of divorce. It is a book by the above title written by Andrew Root and published by Baker Academics. This one is good for your book shelf, if you are involved with youth and family work of any fashion. Get here at amazon.

If you have known young children or teens who come from a broken home you know this well. But have you wondered why does divorce cause so much strain and long-term distress for children of all ages? What made really interesting was Andrew is a a child of divorce himself and comes with years of youth ministry. Also, this goes beyond quick fixes and pop psychology to get to the root of it. It contains good theological wisdom and ontological pain of divorce with the redemptive power of Christ.

Author explains that divorce causes children to question their core identity. Since a child is the product of the union of a mother and father, when that union ends, he or she experiences a baffling sense of loss of self–a loss of his or her very sense of being. Root redirects efforts for assisting children of divorce to first address this fundamental experience. This unique book examines the impact of divorce not only from a theological and spiritual perspective but also from a young person’s perspective. It will benefit those who have experienced divorce and those who minister to children of divorce.

Recently some survey found that adult children of divorce do not want to repeat what their parents have done and desires for enduring marriages. See more about in my other blog entry in Wedding Bells blog.

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