What is happening to families in Canada?

Whatsup with families north of the border? Much of the same – gradual breakdown of families. Much of the social liberal policies are undermining the society and the nation. The southern neighbor may have contributed to this decline as well.

For the first time there are more single Canadian adults than married Canadians. Canadians are also working longer hours, and spending less time with their families and the families they have are less likely to be the traditional nuclear family. The number of married couples without children also outnumbered married couples with children for the first time.

These research finding comes from Vanier Institute of the Family. The report is called ‘Families Count – Profiling Canada’s Families IV’. See the news report.

Other distrubing trends include: Married-with-children families now represent 39 per cent of families, compared to 55 per cent in 1981. Common-law families are the fastest-growing family type in Canada, from 5.6 per of families in 1981 to 15.5 per cent in 2006. Two decades ago, 81 per cent of children under the age of 15 lived with legally married parents, but in 2006, only 66 per cent of children under 15 did.

New economic realities has its impact as well: Families are responding by working more. Men are working longer hours, up to 8.8 a day in 2005 compared to 8.2 hours in 1986. That extra work is coming at the expense of the family, with men now spending 3.4 hours a day with family, compared to 4.2 hours in 1986. Women are now more likely to be the breadwinner in a two-parent family, with 28 per cent being the primary earner in their family.

More elders to care for. More young people choosing to cohabitating, not having children, pain of divorce culture, gay lifestyle etc are sure destablize society at large. It has happened in rest of the Western society and Canada will not be able withstand the downward spiral of societal decay.

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