Like no other time in history, millions of families move between countries, willingly or unwillingly. Addressing the needs of such immigrant communities require cross-cultural experience. One specific area that Parivar has been addressing for the past ten years is the Asian family. Families are in need everywhere. Broken relationships, hurting families, painful pasts, irreconcilable differences, hopeless situations, etc. are destroying families all around us. The Asian Indian community in the United States has done exceeding well academically, professionally and hence financially, but relationally bankrupt. Some of it is of our own making and some of it is due to our cultural baggages. Some people get thrown into unpleasant circumstances, while most others are unaware of what is undermining their relationships.

We may choose to ignore, neglect, overlook or out right deny that we have any problems; but we all intuitively know that things could be much better on the home front. We need not only simply endure and hope things will get better automatically with time. Instead, we can work through and excel regardless of our particular circumstances. Wearing masks are not helpful anymore. Band aid and ‘this is what we used to do in India’ remedies are inadequate. We must seek help and learn to apply principles of life and relationship that could leave behind a lasting legacy.

Whether you are single or engaged, PARIVAR is committed to help prepare young people for a lasting and fulfilling marriage. Whether you are newly married or old timers, whether your marriage is strong or struggling, PARIVAR is committed to help marital relationship grow and flourish. Whether you have newborns or are grandparents, PARIVAR is committed to help you raise the next generation with purpose and a strong foundation.