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“I am troubled by the large number of families in the South Asian Diaspora around the globe who are in various levels of CRISIS. PARIVAR International offers timely help and prescribes timetested principles toward restoration and hope for families.”

Dr. T.V.Thomas
Co-Chair, International Network of South Asian Diaspora Leaders (INSADL)



“I have known the leadership of PARIVAR and their ministry to families in India. As they expand their work to other parts of the world, I am confident that they will help strengthen and restore families with the the timeless principles from the Scripture.”

Dennis Rainey
President, Family Life Ministries



“The leadership of PARIVAR has assisted us in many contexts internationally, from speaking to research and consultation. The global Indian community, especially their families, will benefit greatly from PARIVAR and we highly recommend their ministry.”

Jim Daly
President and CEO, Focus on the Family