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Tamil Diaspora – Intersectionality of Migration, Religion, Language and Culture: This book presents the fascinating saga of Tamil people around the world, a long and multifaceted history of their journeys, wanderings, triumphs and challenges on different shores of the world far from their ancestral homelands, even as they adopt and adapt into their host countries. This volume is a brief snapshot of that complex narrative and explores the various dimensions of their lives in diaspora from diverse disciplinary lenses. (Editor Dr. Peter Vethanayagamony; Series Editors Dr. Sam George and Dr. T.V.Thomas) “

Desi Diaspora – Ministry Among Scattered Global Indian Christians: This book portrays a contemporary account of Indian Christians around the globe and show cases triumphs and challenges of religious lives of dispersed people. Editor Dr. Sam George

Malayali Diaspora – From Kerala to the Ends of the World: This book addresses Malayali diasporas around the world, their immigrant journeys as they adapt and adopt into their host countries. Editors Sam George and T.V. Thomas

Understanding the Coconut Generation: This is a major study on the second generation of Indian Americans. Coconut is a metaphor (brown on the outside and white on the inside).
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Before the Wedding Bells: This book is a premarital guide for couple who are in relationship or engaged and are planning to get married soon.
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After the Wedding Bells: This book is for those in their first few years of marriage. It helps to lay a foundation for marriage and how to avert common marital landmines.
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Caring for the South Asian Soul: This book addresses South Asian family and relational complexities and how to counsel with culturally sensitivity to South Asians.
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