Church Ministries

Parivar is committed to serving local churches everywhere. Church is nothing but family of families. We believe strong families make strong churches. We believe healthy families make healthy churches. We help churches to develop a family friendly environment and establish ministries to children, youth and families in every faith communities. We offer help and support for families of pastors and church leaders.

We are also invited to help churches by teaching principles of building families on a biblical divine blueprint and caring for struggling families. We are a specialized resource for churches to minister effectively to families.

We are not a church. We work with churches of diverse backgrounds and beliefs. We partner with churches to help families and the next generation.

Whether you want some trustworthy person to step in for the pastor for a Sunday sermon or do a series on a biblical theme or teach sessions for adult classes, Parivar’s team of speakers are here to help.

Please contact us today to explore how we could of service to your church.