Parenting Seminars

Parenting is a daunting task today. Raising kids in another culture can be extremely challenging. South Asian parents give relatively high value to child rearing and also suffer from much guilt and confusion over parenting assignment. Some of the assumptions based on how parents were raised in a culture and time entirely different from the world they are bringing up their children these days.

Parivar regularly conducts parenting seminars for the South Asian communities. Our seminar format range from one hour to three hour or day long event. Please invite us to conduct your next parenting seminar.

In 2016, we completed a new research on the Indian American community on Internet usage among teens and the challenge of parenting the digital natives. From this research we developed a new workshop on Digital Parenting. Please get in touch with us to teach this class to young parents and parents of teens in your church or community.

Our recommended resource for parenting is Sam George’s popular book titled¬†Understanding the Coconut Generation. Coconut (brown on the outside and white on the inside) is a metaphor for the second generaion of Indian Americans and Indo Canadians. Brown children (South Asians) growing up the West (North America and other western countries).

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